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The Adriatic-Ionian area is heavily undermined by earthquakes. Each country has developed laws and norms, methods, techniques and expertise for tackling earthquake risks and for reducing seismic vulnerability of the built environment. Nevertheless, in urban areas and particularly in historical centers they remain high.
ADRISEISMIC overall objective is to exchange and systematize knowledge and practices in tackling the reduction of the seismic vulnerability of the built environment in Project Partner countires, to harmonize planning and management of emergencies after seismic events and the post-earthquake phase, in order to drastically improve the approaches for dealing with and to secure the reduction of seismic vulnerability among ADRION regions. The main focus areas are the historical urban centers and historical squares and their surrounding buildings, conceived as symbol of local identity and socio-economic cores for the ADRION settlements.
By building upon the available knowledge and thanks to territorial cooperation, ADRISEISMIC will develop new integrated approaches to innovate and harmonize the normative, technical and training frameworks in the ADRION area, providing ready-to-use methods, tools and procedures that will be integrated into the existing policies and practices, thus strengthening local responses and reducing vulnerability to natural hazards.
The partnership involves 8 partners from 6 countries (IT, HR, SI, GR, AL, RS). It includes municipalities, regional authorities and development agencies as well as universities, research and training centers. 13 Associated Partners have been involved, and more stakeholders have declared their interest and are willing to be involved in project local activities.
ADRISEISMIC main outputs will consist of 2 Action Plans and the creation of a transnational cooperation network.